Party Birks

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Party Birks

Graham was a happy man, he had a wonderful family, a smashing bunch of friends, loved his work, had a fabulous house, and a white van which was lots of fun to drive.

All was going well in Graham’s life, until one day he realised that it had been more than a week since he had been to a party! Graham broke out in a sweat, what was he to do?? In a surge of blind panic, Graham got his phone out and started phoning his friends, desperate to know where and when the next party would be..

“Sorry Graham, I’m poor from Christmas, I’ve no money for a party” said David.
“Sorry Graham, I’m too busy to have a party” replied Phill.
“Sorry Graham, I’m at work” grunted Malcolm.
“At the third stroke, the time will be 6pm precisely.” said the Speaking Clock.

If Graham wanted to party, he would have to take action himself.
So with that he donned his Party Hat and set out the door.

He was later arrested for causing a disturbance.

Graham still ended up at a party though, the cell was full of drunks, who were more than happy to have a laugh and a joke.

The End.

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