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From deep with the jungle comes a rumble and an impending sense of foreboding. A hand emerges from behind a tree, following by.. A banana.

About Bouncy MonkeyThen with a shriek and a yell, Bouncy Monkey pops out to spread mischief and the occasional handful of faeces into your life!

Bouncy Monkey has been monkeying around since the year 2000, and was originally part of an idea to sell unique emails to you the internet connoisseur. This was when the internet craze was still heading for it’s first dot com crash, and everyone thought you could sell snow to Eskimos.

Still, the monkey hung around through all this, and featured on greetings cards for friends and family, and grew in stature enough to be kidnapped and used on the websites of a local radio station, and even the BBC, until actions were taken against them (involving threats of faeces).

These days the monkey is on holiday, back in the jungle, happy back in his house that has a peculiar smell. Have a look in this here gallery to see the monkey over the years. Be sure to wear a mack..

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