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Stupid SlugStupid Slug finally crawls his way back onto your screens, after quite a big absence. He got distracted by a particularly ripe pile of old Daily Express newspapers.

Stupid Slug is a happy little slug who leads a content life, and is very curious and full of wonder at the world. However, he often gets things wrong.

He came about due to an experience I had back in ’99 when I stayed in a house that had a slug problem. My housemate at the time thought we’d better put salt down to deal with them. However, this meant that we would come downstairs in the morning to find slugs everywhere. It was then that my aversion to the slimy little creatures started. Placing a tissue over one of the slugs, I tried to pick one up, ready to send it to it’s grave in the bin. But it wouldn’t budge. It was stuck to the floor. With a bit of force it finally came loose, but not in a clean way. It was like picking a very sticky bogey up.

Suffice to say I spent the next half an hour running round in circles shouting squeamish noises.

I then pondered why these slugs would be so insane as to investigate this white substance that would send them into a suicidal bout of osmosis, and with the idea that it might be some sort of cheap therapy, the character Stupid Slug was born.

It did make the gooey incident a little more bearable, but I still can’t go very near the slimy creatures without wanting to start running around in circles again..

See the cartoons of Stupid Slug’s escapades..

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    • By Birks on 26 Nov 10 at 7:38 am

      Stupid Slug…

      I’ve put some cartoons from 1999 up on my cartoon site about a slug, and a little story of why I created them, based on a squeamish episode I had one day.. Go see now. Thank you…….

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