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Out with the old, in with the new and old..! My cartoon archives have been re-homed all under the same roof, after a little break. There’s a lot to look at – a monkey, some carrots, and a few odd little creatures, so put the kettle on and get clicking.

Way back when in 2009 I had to move all of my websites, so in a moment of inspiration I decided to create one new website to consolidate all the different cartoon sites, to cut down on maintenance time, and to use WordPress, which would make adding new content a breeze.

This took a while, I realised that this task would need some proper time spending on it, not only to develop the site, but also to gather up all the cartoons from over the years that hadn’t been put online. What with other projects and my day job, it has taken over a whole year to put together. Still, the first stage is done, it works, and I’m pretty happy with it. For now.

Still to come: A Bit Funny, random cartoons, and Stupid Slug! Should be online by 2013..! Hooray!

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